Fascial Fitness

Faszien, Fasziendehnung, Stretching, Fascial, Fascial fitness
Dehnung der Faszien

Fascial training - Fascial Fitness - is currently on everyone's lips. Everyone talks about it currently. But what is this all about? Alfredo has the last 2 years intensively dealt with this topic and currently applicable in Vienna and Austria as one of the leading experts on this issue. Numerous media come up to him and appreciate his knowledge in this field.

Fascia composed of connective tissue, provide a firm figure and if they are trained properly, they can also prevent back pain. They pervade the whole body - from the sole of the foot up to the head tip and keep him upright. When fascia is not trained regularly, it sticks together an let us thus age more quickly.


You can train the fascia on different ways:

1 compression techniques: Compression rolls such as the Foamroller of the world leading company Trigger Point

2. Specific stretching exercises such as the "melting stretch" or elements from yoga

3. Refinement techniques with micro-movements

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The expert recommends these products:


- Simple and effective self-massage

- Hard inner core and softer outer roller

- Different colors available

Blackroll Duoball

- Duoball for self massage

- perfect for neck and trapezius/shoulder blades