Training like the Hollywood Stars

Training on cardio and strength machines , Group fitness classes such as yoga , pilates or aqua fitness, outdoor sports such as running, swimming or biking, hiking with the family.

The training recommendations from Alfredo are as varied as life itself.

The sports scientist intensively engaged in recent years in the areas of functional training and fascial fitness. These two training methods complement the classic exercising in a very wonderful and holistic manner and therefore can be found again and again in his work.

Fascial Fitness - Fascial Training

Fascial training - Fascial Fitness - is currently on everyone's lips. Everyone talks about it currently. But what is this all about? Alfredo has the last 2 years intensively dealt with this topic and currently applicable in Austria as one of the leading experts on this issue. Numerous media come up to him and appreciate his knowledge in this field.

Fascia composed of connective tissue, provide a firm figure and if they are trained properly, they can also prevent back pain. They pervade the whole body - from the sole of the foot up to the head tip and keep him upright. When fascia is not trained regularly, it sticks together an let us thus age more quickly.


You can train the fascia on different ways:

1 compression techniques: Compression rolls such as the Foamroller of the world leading company Trigger Point

2. Specific stretching exercises such as the "melting stretch" or elements from yoga


3. Refinement techniques with micro-movements

Training with Powerbands

Power Bands are elastic bands that specifically make the resistance to the muscles during training. Both in the eccentric and in the concentric phase the bands give you a intensive resistance, which is the reason why this training is so effective. Whether endurance, strength training, speed, body shaping, fat burning or targeted toning, beginner or professional - training with the Power bands is suitable for all types of training and -level .

Training with Dynamax medicine balls

Dynamax medicine ball training is a functional and dynamic intense strength-endurance training , both in personal training as well as during training in a group fitness class.

The Dynamax medicine ball is the perfect tool - medicine ball workout at high speed - with or without a partner. This medicine ball is robust enough to meet the high demands of the exercises and is soft enough not to hurt the hands of the training partner. The Dynamax medicine ball is an ideal training device to perform highly intensive and multi-dimensional movements. Everyday movements like lifting up or rotations of the body can be simulated.



The balls come in various weights of 2 kg - 10 kg

TRX® Training

TRX® Suspension Training® is a highly effective total body workout in which your own body weight is used as a training resistance.

With the unique belt system you can train both standing and lying down.

Over 300 different exercises guarantee a diversity of variations and varied training.


TRX® Suspension Training® is close to everyday life and sport specific movements are trained. The training is three-dimensional, which is why the muscles are never isolated but always claimed in the entire chain of muscles. This improves inter- and intramuscular interaction and increases the effectiveness of this training form.

Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell is a training tool for the free weights training.

Training with kettlebells has a long tradition, especially in the Soviet Union. In German-speaking countries since the 19th century, although in use, modern and hip it is since in the last 5 years. The current boom has been triggered by the Crossfit scene in the United States.

Unlike many exercise equipment in classical Gyms kettlebells are free weights and thus always work whole muscle groups. The aim of the training with the kettlebell, it is primarily to build functional strength, explosive strength and stability and to strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as tendons and ligaments.

Classic Kettlebell exercises are the swing, snatch or deadlift.

The kettlebell is available in different sizes, weight of 2-24 kg.