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Josef Pröll

Spokesman of the LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligung AG, former Vice Chancellor, minister of finance and agriculture

"Trigger for stronger health and fitness consciousness was my pulmonary embolism without a doubt. It made me realize that sportiness and fitness are the basis for a better health. Alfredo is my faithful companion on this path. So I lost 20 kg and feel great." 

Robert Kratky

Austrias most prominent radio presenter at Ö3

" A gym may be great, convenient or nice equipped, arranged or situated: At the end of the day it is precisely the people who give the whole location soul and mind. My coach, Alfredo Scarlata was, from the start until today my contact. And like all passionate professionals he is outstanding in his job. I recognize also that he is always up to date and explains every single step to me. So I felt a perfect and individual attention from the beginning. "

Eva Pölzl

Austrian presenter - currently "Guten Morgen Österreich"

"Without my personal coach, Alfredo Scarlata, there was little progress. I thank him every day! This has always been a secret desire from me to work with a personal trainer. How often I had already tipped the training, if I had not a fixed hour with my coach? I'm totally happy with Alfredo and could think of no better."

Aline Basel

CEO oe24 GmbH

Alfredo Scarlata and I work out for 2 years now. There is no better personal trainer. Alfredo stands out for its in-depth knowledge in all areas of Sport: Nutrition, health, trigger point therapy, fascia and of course in Exercising addition to his empathy and his very high degree of emotional intelligence. I'm thrilled and can recommend everybody this unique experience to get the right coach! Thanks for everything!"

Damian Izdebski

CEO techbold Technology Group AG

"Almost exactly 4 years ago after the recommendation of a friend I began my workout in the fitness club "John Harris" in Vienna. At the beginning I had really lack of motivation and every time has been a great effort to convince myself for training. The patience and the motivating words of Alfredo Scarlata helped a lot to keep on training. The current measurements of the body composition have also helped to see that the changes in the body go in the right direction in terms of fat and muscle. So I'm glad to be now in the best shape of my life."

Sabine Pfeffer

Leitung Servicecenter Personenversicherung Österreich

Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group

"Mens sana in corpore sano" - a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is scientifically proven that physical fitness is associated with an increased health and also intelligence quotient. I thank you for the continuous work on my heart and lung capacity and optimal oxygen; -) .... every hour sweat is worth gold !!! Best fitness coach ever !!!!"

Marco Villard

International Business Development und Marketing Director

"Great rehabilitation training and 4 weeks after surgery again 100% load. The air is still lacking a bit, but is certainly back very fast. Thanks Alfredo for your great support."

Eszter Haffner

Professional violin player, professor at the university of arts and at the Danish Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen

"I appreciate Alfredos professional and pleasant way. The targeted back training has extremely helped me as a musician. I look forward every single time of my training."

Nina Fischer

Editor in chief gesund&fit newspaper

"For a long time I really believed that I personally know it best what kind of training my body needs. Until Alfredo challenged me about one year ago to try personal training. Today I know it better: no matter how well one knows his body, although you already trained a lifetime - when you want to get the best results in short time, it takes a true professional like Alfredo. You stay motivated, you train regularly, constantly gets new stimuli set and this all provides faster results."

Nina Fischer Fitness Training personal training john harris

Erich Rauwarter

Sales Manager Peine GmbH

"Since 2006 I'm member at the John Harris Fitness Center and special thanks to Alfredo Scarlata - nine years smokefree since he brought me to run! Thanks coach!"

Magazin gesund&fit

"Alfredo is one of the leading private coaches and is responsible for the well-known bodies in Austria in fashion, music, politics and industry as Josef Pröll, Robert Kratky, Roman Rafreider, Fabio Giacobello, Aline Basel, Yusif Eyvazov and Thomas Moskovics."